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What makes The H different from other Multifamily Investment Groups?

At our company, we uphold a methodical approach that sets the standard for our team of highly skilled individuals. As leaders, we exemplify a strong work ethic, ensuring the successful acquisition of properties. Our primary objective is to generate profits for our investors first, and then ourselves within a short timeframe.

We prioritize properties that provide an enhanced quality of living space for residents, aligning our goals with the creation of exceptional living environments.

One of the key drivers of our success lies in our dedication to having a team of highly skilled and competent professionals.

We adhere to a rigorous selection process, carefully assessing each candidate’s qualifications and expertise. This approach ensures that our team possesses the necessary skills to effectively identify and seize lucrative opportunities, ultimately maximizing profitability and delivering exceptional results.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at +1 (727) 513-0302.

No, anyone with $100,000 or more can invest with us.

We seek B and C properties in landlord-friendly states, specifically Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Colorado, Kentucky, and Nevada, to optimize net operating income (NOI). Our target price range exceeds $100,000, allowing for the possibility of joining another investor and forming a single Limited Liability Company (LLC) for the specific property. During economic downturns, we capitalize on the shift from A to B properties and hardworking families moving from C to B. We prefer properties with 25 or more completed units that offer opportunities for opportunity zones.

We strategically invest in properties located in landlord-friendly states, specifically Alabama, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Colorado, Kentucky, and Missouri. These states have legislation and regulations that provide advantageous conditions for landlords, allowing for greater ease in enforcing rental payments and eviction processes, thereby ensuring consistent cash flow. For example, New York has an eviction timeline of 6-7 years, thereby increasing the risk and losing your monthly income. By operating in these landlord friendly states, we can confidently rely on a higher level of income and profitability as tenants are legally obligated to adhere to their rental payment agreements.


With any investment, there is always risk, however it is our belief that investing in multifamily real estate poses less risk than other markets and businesses.

Once the property is purchased, our goal is to increase the value of the property and sell for a profit within 5 years.

Yes, It is possible to invest from another country by having a USA bank account with USD and obtaining a tax form W-8BEN.

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Our commitment to integrating wellness within the residential experience not only redefines the living environment but also recreates the investment landscape.

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At The H, we prioritize our investors by ensuring renovations are done correctly, cost-effectively, and efficiently so that we can grow their money.

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