By incorporating physical therapy services directly into our properties, we offer residents convenient access to professional healthcare right at their doorstep. Our goal is to promote an active lifestyle, prevent injuries, and help individuals recover quickly and effectively when needed.

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The minimum amount would be greater than $100,000 and there is no max. The larger the investment, the greater the return due to the size of the real estate purchased.

No, anyone with $100,000 or more can invest with us.

The H invests in Class B and C multifamily buildings inĀ landlord friendly states.

A landlord friendly state is one that has regulations and legislation that provide advantageous conditions for landlords, allowing for greater ease in enforcing rental payments and eviction processes.

Landlord friendly states include: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas.

Unfortunately, no. However, if you cash out the funds yourself, you can then use them to invest.

With any investment, there is always risk, however it is our belief that investing in multi family real estate poses less risk than other markets and businesses.

Once the property is purchased, our goal is to increase the value of the property and sell for a profit within 2-3 years.

Yes, you can invest if you live in another country, you just need a bank account.